Of spring and new beginnings.

Written by Voltaire

Date: 25 May 21

Because of the times we are now living, I have been contemplating a few things. Friends are following the site and I thought it was about time to share a few things.

The year 2020 started for me in September 2018. That is when life played a trick on me that lead to major surgery in 2019. From October 2018 to March 14 2019, I thought I had a few months to live and life became magical. And precious. The tumor was benign, so all is well but the experience left me so mixed up  it is only now that I can share a bit.

The month I got sick, I had quit the market I belonged for 10 years. In November that year I took on a Christmas Fair to support a school music program. Making the soaps needed, I was wondering if that would be the last time. It got me to really examine the reason soaping was such a Joy for me.

It was my journey is why. Nobody helped, I did it by myself. All the research, the trials and failures to the best soap in the world, I did it all. I looked at a ton of shea butter just stored in a shed and knew I could not let it go to waste so I started. Along the way, I found a free lye calculator and I really was on my way then.

As the country slowly opens up again, I find myself diving into new adventures.

We now carry a Hands Sanitizer. What was available was so harsh on my hands I needed to make one just for me I thought. Well, it is on the site now, people love it as much as I do!

We are looking at developing Syndet bars, skin care products ie: toner, facial cleaners etc. Who knows where we will end up? One step at a time,


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