Of friends, sore body and CBD oil.

Written by Segovia

Date: 15 May 22

As the country slowly comes out of pandemic mode, our Tai Chi sessions resumed last week. Yesterday was the first real lesson and I realized that I did not practice as much as I thought!!! My body is sore all over today and I am walking only because I used Shea-Mu on my legs. What a relief!!!

We started the week end by having an overnight guess. It doesn’t seem like much hey? But it is the first not in our circle friend to overnight in two years. It feels so lovely to open our house again!!

The Tai Chi session was the best. But wow!! I really need to get with the program!! Practicing alone is not my favorite but I guess I will have to now. The body degrades too fast if neglected.

As my readers, you all know I make a muscle rub. Shea-Mu. The first version only had Lavender Essencial oil and performed wonders for my customers. It never worked much for me. A few years back, I was gifted some Wintergreen Essencial oil. I researched it and added it to Shea-Mu. Well, it performs better! It makes a big difference to me and I use it often for my sore wrists and fingers.

Lately, I was gifted a tiny bit of CBD oil. Now, I am not a fan of fads. So I sat on it for a bit, then made 4 sticks of Shea-Mu with it for testing. The feed back is amazing so this morning, I rubbed some on my legs. Oh wow!! Relief!! And amazingly enough, lasting relief!

We are hoping for some warmth here. The weather is damp and cloudy. Miss Ruby the cat is not pleased and gives us troubles when it rains!! As if we could fix it!

Be safe and cherish each other.

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