Of blessings and new adventures

Written by Segovia

Date: 21 Feb 22

My mantel clock just chimed, reminding me of the friend who gave it to me. Her father made it and she gave it to me!!!

My Miss Ruby rescued cat is sitting by me purring. That may seem normal to you but Miss Ruby? She hates everybody!! This is progress!!!

It is the long weekend and I still have two whole days off!!!! I get to play!!!

I am very grateful for the little rays of sunshine and little blessings I get.

So this week end, I will play a new game!!

You must all have seen the new fashion, the new “Green” way. Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars!! These are a new marketing plot. Smart marketing because it makes people feel the products are better for the planet since there is no plastic bottle. It is not quite true, but we all know marketers like to paint everything green.

But because some of my customers really want no plastic bottles, I started to look into what we call syndet bars. Syndet is an acronim for Synthetic/Detergent blend. Because shampoos are just that: a blend of surfactants and detergents. And when you see a label with Natural Shampoo, please know: It is true it started with a coconut. Way back up the manufacturing process, there was a coconut!! The ONLY natural surfactant is saponified oil. I have seen liquid soap paste sold as such ;

Natural surfactant:

Ingredient list: potassium cocoate.

So I started to research the shampoo bars and I made a few. I found a recipe I really like too!! And discovered that you know, they are fun!! And practical!!  On a trip, a bar works better. I should know, I use a hair soap bar. So if you don’t want hair soap, the shampoo bars are the thing!!!

The only drawback the syndet have in my experience is they are costly. The ingredients are expensive and though I would love to sell them at the same price as my soaps, there is no way I can. My soaps are 150g after a 4 weeks cure. The same size shampoo bar would sell for around $25.00!! So, I am still working on taking the project to the next phase, marketing phase!!

Conditioning bars are not the same. The  ingredients are the same as the liquid conditioner save water. Almost. So it seems to me the bars will be a better value even if they cost as much as a litre of conditioner. We will see, I have only just started to research them and solid face moisturizers!! Everybody wants no packaging!!!

Keep an eye on my Face Book page to follow me in that Rabbit Hole!!!!

Blessings to all,




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