New adventures and new Essential Oil

Written by Segovia

Date: 7 Mar 22

The weather is so lovely these days, and flowers are all coming out here!! Perfect time for new adventures!!

Today I made the Face Stone test batch and a hair conditioner bar test batch. I could not help myself and scented the hair conditioner with Lotus Essential oil. Have you ever heard of it? It is a new one on me and I have been testing it in CP soap. It does survives the lye!!! Alleluia, this Essential Oil smells like heaven people!!!! Seriously!!! I am in love with it. It is floral but not sweet. It is fresh and subtle. I could just wear it as perfume it is so lovely.

I am testing these recipes for a private label client that wants to jump on the no packaging wagon. It will be a good product I think but will chime back as to what I think when I try them. There is some adventages in making test batches see?

Both recipes have no water added and should not need a preservative but… If your hands are wet when you use the face stone, the water gets in the product and Voila!! The product goes off. So both bars got a preservative added to it.

Enjoy Spring when and where you can!!


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