Welcome to Blue Libellule

Written by Segovia

Date: 17 Jan 20
Welcome to Sheaqueen blog. We encourage our visitors to post comments to our blog, let us know how the products are working for you, and we also consider any suggestions you might have for new products. Thank you for visiting our blog and posting comments. Come back often for new posts. It’s celebration time!!! Our site is up!!!! We are still fixing all the bugs in it, but it is up!! And this is our first blog. We are so exited, it took us a while to decide the subject of our blog, but finally, we did. The first blog is all about the ingredients of our soaps. Or what we mean when we say our soaps and creams are natural. If you have surfed the net in search of natural products, you know that the meaning of “natural” depends on who is talking. At Blue Libellule, when we say “natural” it means this: If we cannot eat it, we do not use it. We are even in the process of switching to food grade essential oils. We had no ideas it could be bought until just a few weeks ago. So, in our soaps, we use food grade liquid oils, like olive and canola. We use shea butter in our creams that is organic and food grade. We are always careful to keep our prices reasonable, so we do not yet use certified organic for all our supplies. As prices come down, we will. Our soaps are made carefully and cured as long as needed so they will last a long time. We use no color, fragrance oils and all our soaps are made from scratch. We do not buy base or ready to pour. We use not preservatives, so all our creams contain no water. If we make lotion, it is a bar. And for now, all our creams are Shea butter based. We hope to hear from all our friends soon, and should you have any questions, feel free. We will answer all we can. Blessings and joy, The team at Blue Libellule.

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