What Shea-mu does for me. Following a work accident I damaged my knee. Extremely irritated join calf muscle to tense up. Applying the Shea-mu and massaging the muscle for a few minute helped to relax and take away the pain.This product is great for al kind of aches and pain. BT


I have been using She Mu for a couple of years now as a skin moisturizer as well as for pain relief for arthritis and soft tissue injury.  It is subtle and soothing and helps me sleep and relax when I need to.  I have also discovered that (due to the lavender content) it works in fighting bacteria, athlete’s foot, fungus (particularly on my feet) and viral infections (when massaged into the skin behind the ears, on the neck and at the base of the skull it helps prevent ear and throat infections).  What would I do without this wonderful Mu???

By Jaci W


I have a co-worker (Bronwyn Dyck) whose sister lives in California who we have introduced to your amazing Shea Mu.  She suffers from Fibromyalgia and it is the only thing that has worked to relieve her pain!  This is quite a great breakthrough!