Himalayan Salt


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A perfect soap for a beautiful skin, nothing better for a better skin.

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29 in stock

When dissolved in warm water bath, the Himalayan crystal salt becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps to extract the toxins out of your skin and tissues.

At the same time, the 84 natural-occurring minerals and elements in the Himalayan pink salt penetrate your skin, leaving you refreshed and nourished. As a result, this reduces the acidic levels in our body and balances the pH of our body and skin.

Bathing with a  natural Himalayan salt soap is a different story. The natural sea salt gets absorbed readily into the skin, cleansing and purifying the pores from within. The strong detoxification effect of the Himalayan salt draws out the toxins from the skin, which will otherwise lead to dull, lifeless and uneven complexion. At the same time, your skin is nourished with 84 types of nutrients, leaving your skin with a long-lasting healthy youthful glow.

The salt gets stored in the upper layer of the skin, which binds the water molecules. This plumps up your skin and creates a natural protective film on the skin preventing the skin from drying.

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 85 × 65 × 25 cm


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